Chattanooga Autism Awareness Walk


Here are the steps:

1) Click the "REGISTER NOW" button and on the next page, click "TICKETS", register your family, and select all your shirt sizes and pay.
2) Create your personal Fundraising Page and give it your name or child's name.
3) After your own fundraising page is done, you'll see buttons to "Create a team" or "Join a team". Create a Team lets you make a 'team page' where you can use a team name and customize the page and invite others to join.

Note 1: The new system doesn't automatically add your registration fees to your total. We'll do that for you and it may take a day or so.

Note 2: This new system doesn't automatically create fundraiser pages for your family members or add them to your team. You must CLICK THIS LINK and create fundraising pages for each person you register and then use the 'join a team' button for each.